Sun Actin Forte



Sun Actin Forte® Gluten free

Pediatric Oral Drops

30ml, each ml contains 15 mg elemental Iron as Microencapsulated Ferric Pyrophosphate.


Indicated for deficiencies or an increased demand for iron

 Why Sun Actin Forte®?

  • Sun Actin Forte® Oral Drop is Based on Sun Active® Fe (the best Micronized Encapsulated form of iron ever produced, and recommended by WHO guidelines)
  • Without instability of liquid liposomal iron forms
  • Excellent heat, Ph and oxidation stability
  • Superior absorption and bioavailability supported by clinical studies in children
  • Delicious taste, pleasant flavor with easy acceptance by babies
  • No unpleasant metallic iron taste or flavor
  • No gastrointestinal tract irritation
  • No staining in Infant teeth or discoloration of the teeth
  • No artificial colors, no alcohol, sugar, lactose and gluten
  • Sustained release form of iron
  • Colloidal and no precipitation in liquids
  • Doesn’t interact with other sensitive ingredients and keep the quality of products stable for longer time.

Suggested Dosage:

Infants and children 1 ml daily or as directed by the physician.







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