Ipratropium bromide Nasal spray,

  • The first line in the treatment of runny nose (watery rhinorrhea) caused by cold, allergy,…
  • With no rhinitis medicamentosa (rebound nasal congestion)


  • Main ingredients

Ipratropium bromide

21 meg /spray 0.03%

42 meg/spray 0.06%

  • Side Ingredients:

Sodium Chlorid

 Benzalkonium chloride

 Edetate Sodium

 Sodium hydroxide

 Hydrochloric acid

Mechanism of action:

Topical application of ipratropium, that is minimally absorbed across biologic membranes, reduces rhinorrhea significantly in naturally occurring colds. This agent probably exerts its major effect on the para-sympathetic regulation of mucous and seromucous glands!

Use in special population:

Pregnancy: Pregnancy Category B. Nursing Mothers: Caution should be exercised when ipratropium bromide nasal spray is administered to a nursing mother.

Pediatric Use: The safety and effectiveness of Ipranasal*21 in patients under 6 years of age and Ipranasal*42 in pediatric patients under 5 years of age have not been established.

Adverse Reaction:

  1. Common:

Epistaxis(nosebleed), Nasal Dryness, headache, Nasal discomfort and Throat irritation.

  1. Uncommon:

 Upper respiratory tract infection. Nasal irritation (nasal itching, nasal burning, nasal irritation, and ulcerative rhinitis. Nasal itching, nasal burning, nasal irritation, and ulcerative rhinitis). Other nasal symptoms (nasal congestion, increased rhinorrhea, increased rhinitis, posterior nasal drip, sneezing, nasal polyps, and nasal edema). Pharyngitis, Nausea.

  1. rare adverse reactions:

 dry mouth/throat, URI, taste perversion, pain, diarrhea.


 Immediate hypersensitivity reactions may occur after administration of ipratropium bromide, as demonstrated by urticaria, angioedema, rash, bron-chospasm, anaphylaxis, and oropharyngeal edema, if such are action Occurs, therapy with Ipranasal should be stopped at once and alternative treatment should be considered.


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